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Review ~ "Changing the Rules" by Diane Leyne

Title: Changing the Rules (Club Libertine #1)
Author: Diane Leyne
ISBN: 9781622426669
Release date: March 21, 2013
Genre: BDSM, Ménage
Age Group: Adult
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At twenty-one, Michelle Edwards loved her boyfriend Mac Whelan and his best friend Sean O'Mally. The three of them lived happily together until one night, Mac invited Sean to join them in a ménage. Michelle enjoyed it, but because of her upbringing, her feelings scared her and she ran away from the men she loved.

Ten years later, to pay a debt and save her grandparents' home, Michelle reluctantly agrees to be their sub for a month. The sex is hot, but the men hold her at a distance, especially Mac. And something else has changed. The men are now Doms at the city's notorious Club Libertine and expect her complete submission.

She realizes quickly that she still loves them, but do they just want revenge because she left them, or is there a chance for all three of them to be happy again?

Nice, hot, short read!

When she first met Mac and Sean, Michelle was attracted to both of them. Sean was tall, blond, easygoing guy, while Mac was dark and intense – a complete opposite. They were both instantly attracted to her as well. Still, Mac made it clear he wanted her, and the decision was made... Until one night they thought sharing would be way better for them all, and tried ménage. That night was perfect, but Michelle woke up full of doubts and fears, decided she can't do it after all, packed, and left them only a note, expecting they'll never see each other again.

Ten years later, though, they meet again. In order to pay a debt and save her grandparents' home, Michelle is about to sign a contract that will make her their sub for a month. And although it's just the three of them again, nothing is the same. Mac and Sean are Doms now, and they are doing everything they can to keep their distance but expect her to submit completely. To make matters worse, Michelle only just realized she still loves them both, but can't figure out if there's a chance for them to finally be together, or are they only trying to get back at her for leaving them all those years ago.

Will they manage to find a way to overcome the past? Will Michelle win them back? Or will they push her too far?

I have to admit, I really liked the theme and the blurb, but in my opinion, the execution left a lot to be desired. The whole story seems rushed and all over the place. I really wish it were longer, as I believe it would provide more space for development.

The biggest issue I had was a severe lack of communication. After Michelle ran away, they haven't seen each other for ten years, but when she returned, they still failed to address her reason for leaving or take the time to get to know each other again. It seemed like it was all about revenge for the two of them, but at the same time they still loved her and kept sending her mixed messages. At one point, it all became... hopeless.

Still, the characters are likable, and my favorite part was definitely Michelle's decision to change the rules. If it weren't for that, the story couldn't possibly be this good. This way, as it turns out, the best was saved for last.

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