Review Policies , Preference and Rating

~ Review Policies ~

Dear authors, publishers and other people of importance:
Please note that we favor egalleys when it comes to ARCs. We can, and will, review printed books, but ebooks are our personal preference.

Indie authors should contact us trough the email addresses provided on our Contact page. When sending an email, be sure to include a blurb or first chapter of your book and valid genre specifications! When reviewing Indie books we accept all e-reader formats except PDF’s. You can send us printed copies, but we warn you to check out the postal and delivery costs as well as the time it takes for shipping.

Book review requests are accepted for review consideration on a case by case basis. Accepting a book does not mean the review will necessarily be posted.
The reviews are posted here on  Reading Infection and Goodreads.
You may want to look up our shelves on Goodreads, in order to have a clear idea of our reading preferences.

All the reviews posted on Reading Infection represent our personal thoughts and opinions. We are not paid for reviewing, we simply love reading and sharing our impressions.
In the end, we can guarantee that all the reviews we choose to write will be honest, and that they will not be influenced in any way.

~ Review  Preference ~

The Reading Infection reviews a wide range of genres and themes.
Both reviewers on this blog are hard core romance lovers.
They are contantly in the reading waters of historical, contemporary and suspense romance.
Erotica is not a stranger to them, and they love everything from m/f to menage and m/m. Regular smut and BDSM are all fine and dandy, but even taboo and dark gets read from time to time.
While PRN is a favorite of Dinjolina, Rain Hart prefers shifters when reading it.

Still, please take note: You may find an occasional YA book among the reviews, but this is not one of the primary genres on the blog.

~ The Rating Scales & Rating Sistem ~


5 stars: This book is the one I am going to marry!

4 and a half stars: Almost there, almost there! Still, that one little thing really bugged me...

4 stars: Wow! Good book.

3 and a half stars: Nice. Just nice.

3 stars: I am pretty sure I have read this before.

2 stars: Ugh. Go to a writing class you hillbilly!

1 star: Ooooh, the agony! Make it stop! Make it stop!

Rain Hart:

5 stars: I wish I wrote this book! I wish I could marry the hero, too!

4 and a half stars: Still in love... not blindly, though.

4 stars: Great book! I'll re-read it for sure.

3 and a half stars: *sigh* And it could've been awesome...

3 stars: Just average... still, there's potential.

2 stars: That one thing added a star here... but, don't give up your day job!

1 star: I am a masochist. This was too painful.