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"Burning" by J.M. Gregoire ~ Blog Tour & Review

Title: Burning (Demon Legacy #0.5)
Author: J.M. Gregoire
Release Date: October 2, 2012
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance
Length: 37 Pages (Short Story Prequel)
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Lucas was a typical playboy - lots of alcohol and a different girl every night.

One woman brought his emotional walls and the beliefs he used to build them crumbling to the ground.

Now, an unexpected visitor is going to change both their worlds forever.

Burning is the short story lead-in to the upcoming Demon Legacy series by J.M. Gregoire.

~ Review ~

Lucas is a typical vampire/playboy. Well, was. We meet him three months after he met Natalia, fell in love, and changed his ways. We get to see how they met, and how strong their feelings were straight from the beginning. Natalia is a witch, and the records keeper for the covens. They both have the ability to see auras. And, one particular aura they are about to see will change everything. 

Burning is a (really, really) short prequel, and quite a promising start to the Demon Legacy series. Actually, it's more of a teaser in my opinion. As expected, it raises a lot of questions, but at the same time fails to give some answers that feel like they should be there. It's easy to overlook that part, though, as the length of the story doesn't allow space for any further explanations. I am a huge fan of POV switching (when done right, of course), so that helped too. Also, the concept is quite interesting, it's easy to read, fast paced, and I want more. In other words - mission accomplished.

So, where is Lucas going now? When are we gonna meet Michael? What will happen to Guardians? Why? How? Who?
Guess I'll have to wait for The Devil You Know  to come out, and see where this goes.

If you haven't already, grab your copy of Burning, and add The Devil You Know to your TBR. It will be here real soon!

~ About the Author ~

J.M. Gregoire was born and raised in New Hampshire, USA and despite her abhorrence for any season that dares to drop to a temperature below seventy degrees, she still currently resides there with her two children and her two cats. Always a passionate reader, her love of urban fantasy books eventually morphed into a love of writing them. She is currently working on the Demon Legacy series and has an urban fantasy thriller project coming up that will be co-written with one of her best friends and favorite authors, Ginny Lurcock.

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