Where to start, where to start…Well, we are two book loving girls from Serbia.
Yes, Serbia. No, not Siberia.
Yes, people do read there. Sometimes. Some of them. Ok, it’s just us. :)
Yes, we are educated. Our mommies are so proud!
Yes, we eat pickled cabbage out of our free will - and love it. Want some?
No, we don’t live in cardboard boxes covered with mud. Why on Earth would you think…??
No, we don’t need Google translate in order to write English.
No, we are not Russians.
HECK NO, my accent does not remind you of a drunker Russian hooker! Take that back!

Want to meet us?
The yin:
Rain Hart is the in the-closet-brainiac that makes reviewing in to an art. She is currently waiting for her new credit card and planning to buy Amazon out of books.

The yang:
Dinjolina is a lightning fast reader that will dazzle you with snippy commentary and fun recaps. She devotes most of her time to books and her horse. Eeerm, prince! Prince!

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