Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sam Crescent ~ "Bound For Christmas"

If someone told you there's a BDSM story that is sweet, cute and a perfect holiday read, would you believe it? No? Well, grab this book and let it change your mind! Because BOUND FOR CHRISTMAS is all that and more.

Bernice Rowe is a twenty-five-year-old librarian. Plus-sized, insecure and completely fascinated by the man that keeps coming to the library. Leon Butters has had his eye on Bernice for some time, but as he is well aware his lifestyle is not for everyone, he kept his distance. Once Bernice learns he is a Dom in the BDSM Club Kink, she decides to become a submissive – his submissive. Leon claims her, and her three-week training begins. He wants to make her his in time for Christmas. She wants to stay his long after that. Are three weeks enough to explore their feelings, create a connection and make a lasting Christmas miracle? For these two, the answer is – yes!

I wish I could give this book a higher rating. I liked it, but I have to say I did not love it. The writing could have been smoother, and it felt a bit rushed at some points. If the story were longer, it wouldn't lack the development I missed here. Another thing that bothered me a bit is that they committed to each other rather too soon. Other readers might not agree, but I feel that a slower pace, when it comes to declarations of love and marriage proposals, is much more realistic.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this story. Bernice is a bit shy and clumsy, but she is a great, loving girl. Leon is playful, attentive, considerate, kind man – and a great Dom. They managed to create a Christmas miracle together, and find love, sense of belonging, and home – in each other.

Warning: this story contains public exhibition, spanking, sex toys and BDSM practice some readers may find objectionable.

This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews

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