Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Freakin' New Year! :)


Happy New Year everyone! Hope you're having a great celebration and enjoying the holidays! You did remember to make a wish, right?

This is our first NY on Reading Infection, and we're hoping there will be many, many to come.
What's next? Well...

There will be two giveaways in this first week of January. Be sure to stop by these days, and click, click, click! :)

Also, I've been thinking about redecorating... I know, I know, I love this look, but there are some things planned that made me consider changing it to something a bit... um, smuttier. What do you think?

Another new thing in this new year will be themed ramblings (weekly, monthly or totally randomly posted, still not sure). They will be about books, though. Or reading. Or something... Okay, you'll have to bear with me on that one.

And, when it comes to my lovely fictional boyfriends... well, they'll have to get their own place around here. Soon!


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