Tuesday, December 4, 2012

*Drum Roll*

Yes, it was one hell of a hiatus, but I'm finally back - up & running.
There were some technology/internet/life issues, that made me go offline for this long and... damn, it's such a great feeling being here again.

I apologize to all of you out there for not answering my e-mail, and disappearing all of a sudden. I'll get back to you (and back on track) as soon as (humanly) possible.

So, what's next?
Reviews, more reviews, rants, ramblings... you know - the usual stuff.
I've found another book by Charisma Knight - yep, she's that author - that I'll utterly enjoy reviewing.
There will be those good ol' memes again, and some brand new events I hope you'll like.
Oh, and a story about the book that cured my OCD... kind of.

See? We'll have so much fun. Just stick around...

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