Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jess Dee ~ "The One That Got Away"

I have been reading romance since before I can remember. And if I recall correctly, even my childhood obsession with western historicals was all about the luuuuve. :)
So, it is safe to say that I have seen a gazillion heroes do the right thing - from marrying pregnant ex-es that they did not love, to leaving their beloved heroines because of family feuds, all the way to jalousies that make a muck of things …after reading about all of those dramatic/tear jerker/angsty situations, I thought --> well, I had seen it all. I can write a book about stupid reasons, and silly alliances! There is nothing more out there that can surprise me. Nothing. NOT A THING.

La, how wrong I was.

Welcome, welcome, WELCOME to the land of absurd, my darlings! Let me give you a tour!
First door to the right
is “The one that got away” by Jess Dessour current placeholder for preposterous romance situation.

The hero of this “masterpiece” meets the woman of his dreams. He KNOWS she is the one. They both know theirs is the love of a lifetime. They feel it in their bones.
Fantastic, right?

Eeee! Wrong.

Mister I-have-to-be-honorable-and-fair decides to tell the heroine, after hours of having sex with her btw, that he just promised his once-in-a-while-hook-up-chick that he would try a relationship with her. He PROMISED. They have HISTORY. One that consists of years of on and off no-strings fucking. I mean, he has to respect a promise to that woman! There is nothing that says “binding” as no-strings sex, don’t you think? It is only natural to throw away love for...a try with somebody you were never really interested in.
The story picks up after he gave the other woman “a try” for five freaking months. He had to give it a tinny little-ooops!-not so little...shot, since his integrity was on the line…

Snort!...ehm…back to the story…

Wait! Whta? Back to what story? This “book” only had 30 pages! And yet, 15 pages in --> mister “Ethical” hit me in the face with his idiotic decisions!

Well, he decided. He made his choice. And I had to make mineof a sound mind and body I made a decisive conclusion to forgive and forget the 3$ I threw away on this book, and not finish it.Because really…happy ever after? Who would want a happy ever after with that moron?
No sappy-mushy butterflies in my stomach over this read. The only thing it made me do was mentally shout at the heroine --> “Run, Forrest! Run!!"

No stars for this book. If I could give it MINUS stars, I would.

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  1. Oh, Lord, that does sound like something to avoid and run from. But I loved you review :D

    Thank you for following my blog, I'm gladly returning the favor :)


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