Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review ~ ''Wanton in the Wild West'' by Molly Ann Wishlade

Molly Ann Wishlade is a spicey new erotic author, whose latest novel is soon to be published by the one and only Carina press. So, are you ready for a bit of hotness? Then you should check out Wishlade's ''Wanton in the Wild West''! Her other books can also be found on her Amazon page.  Other than that, you can follow my example and cyber-stalk Miss Wishlade on her Twitter.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy! 

Sorry, sorry!
I don’t really read all that many books with cowboys, so I always wanted to use that sentence!
Moving on, people! Nothing to stare at!
(Stop looking at me all weird like, y’all! Like you never wanted to ride a cowboy?!)

The story opens:
The prairie.
A train ride.
Young women, on the hunt for husbands.
Escorted by two handsome cowboys, Gideon and Harry.
Destination? Deadwood.

Amber, our heroine, is a bit of a wanton. She knows what she wants, she wants it NOW, and she is prepared to have the ride of her life – while her heart is left intact. Unless,...

Going in, I was inclined to be entertained and nothing more.There were many strikes against this story from the very beginning. It was an novella! And come on - we all know tiny amounts of page space never amount to any great story. It is firmly planted in Eroticsville, and it’s all about big hot rods and va-ga-gays in there. Nobody ever goes for development, or – dare I say it? – character build up.

Or do they?
(cue angsty music)

Surprisingly, I ended up really enjoying the read. A lot more than I thought I would! There was just something about the author’s writing style that made reading this book almost effortless. It was a combination of realistic dialogue, compact plot, and well done pacing. Let us not even mention the scorching hot sex scenes that have you turning the pages as fast as you can read them! I liked the characters, thought their back-story was very well presented, and found the relationship between Gideon, Harry and Amber fast, cute, and plenty steamy. ''Wanton In The Wild West'' is a definite winner, and while it may not be my personal favorite in the erotic genre, it was a really good story! It can certainly make your night, and give a little sunshine during one of these winter days.

A big applause for this novella's hot 4 stars!

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