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Review ~ ''Blue lines'' (Assassins, #4) by Toni Aleo

Wellcome, welcome, guests! Let me show you around!! Our newest feature is ''Blue lines'', an emotional rollercoaster, who's highs and lows I myself have experianced. Mrs.Aleo, the prud maker of this extravaganza, is a pro and she doesn’t pull punches. Ah, ah! I can't give away any more. You need to experiance it for yourself! But I can hint - it's completely worth every penny. So, come along. Join the fun!

''Blue lines'' will be out in a few hours!
It seems like years, doesn’t it?!
Even though I read the ARC,…fear not! Toni Aleo’s new book is pre-ordered, and as soon as it hits Amazon – will be a proud member of my Kindle library, bumping shoulders with it’s predecessors. For those of you not yet introduced to the Assassin series, I bid you adieu, because you’re late, late, late, and you shouldn’t be wasting your time reading my rant about book four. What you should be doing is going to Toni's page on Amazon and treating yourself for Christmas! Dive in to the hottest thing since boiling tea – sports romance!

The heroine of this fanciful read is definitely a favorite of mine, since the author made her very palpable. She has soft spots and vulnerabilities just the like the reader, the other women out there, the populace at large. She marches on trough the pages, undetained by any character clichés. The hero is almost on the sidelines, even though he fits the regular hot and dandy profile of romance hunks! I am not going to dissect his placement on my ‘Best ever male character’ list, but I can safely say he is, by far, the best plot prop a heroine could have.

When pondering the underlining writing, I can proudly state that nothing dragged, choppiness was never a problem, and the plot was well developed and strong. There was only one glitch – at times, I was unable to connect this book to the series. Sure, all of my favorite characters were present, but somehow the subplots of the previous books never got to shine in ''Blue lines''.

On some level, this totally wounded me. It’s crazy, it’s childish, it’s called investing oneself in to a book a bit too much, and there’s probably a disorder describing it on Wikipedia.

I have been waiting for ''Blue Lines'' angst-filled-drama-goodness for over a year, ever since I finished ''Empty Net''. Don’t get me wrong, there was drama. There were buckets of tears! My inner demon was satisfied for sure, but I still have to say…what about Resse? What about the strong he-likes-Resse theme form ''Empty Net''? Sure, it was addressed in a roundabout way, but could I shake the feeling that it was swept under the rug in the face of the couples present-day drama? No. Not so much.
I also missed the behind-closed-doors night when Piper got pregnant. The hints were revealing enough, but I guess I still wanted the beginning of their connection to have more page time, just so I could understand Erik better.

All this aside – the book was a whirlwind all by itself. You almost didn’t need the previous novels from the Assassin series in order to be really invested. Anxiety was ever present, and I loved every moment of it – from messy emotional start to poignant ending. Mrs. Aleo has showed me that sports authors can be extravagantly deep and very touching. Realism is something I favor, especially when it is added in moderated doses that invoke feelings. I freely admit that I cringed while reading about Lucas’s ‘boner talk’ in the locker room – I guess because it hit so close to him allegedly cheating before ''Trying to score'' - still, even though I wish I could redact certain parts of Blue lines and live in la-la-land, the realistic road to the (fictional?) dreamy happy ever after at the end of the book would have not been complete if the author changed something. Romance fiction is so much more believable if you are able to connect to it!

So,...cheers, Mr.Aleo! *raises glass*
For making me love hokey, trust happy ever afters that await behind a rainbow, and just plain old entertaining me.


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