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Review ~ Fixated On You by Pamela Ann

Driving force. Yes. Driving. Force.

driving force /ˈdrʌɪvɪŋ fɔːs / – Noun - the act of applying force to propel something; the person or a thing that motivates or directs someone or something.
Synonyms: drive, thrust, actuation, propulsion, impetus, impulsion, impulse

Why does one read an entire series, squandering money on book after book? And why, oh why, would one do that, especially if one is not all that big of a fan of contemporary romance?

My more professional colleagues in the review world would be fast in pointing out that maybe the writing is superb and I have been overcome by the prose itself. 

Am I?

Sadly, I am not. The writing stile is all but ordinary, and sometimes even overly flamboyant, on the verge of tumbling in to kitch.

The trendsetters would latch on to the question of SWAG.

And I would say – oh for the love of….you darn hipsters….!!!
No, joking aside, these books are not all that trendy among the reviewing community, and even though the author is somewhat known, she still drabbles in the waters of partial anonymity when compared to the big names we all know and love. I am gladly giving her points for being down to earth and in constant contact with her fans, but cuteness is not the dominant factor in selling books. It’s the harsh truth, but the truth nonetheless.

So what is the magic ingredient?


Let’s face it - the digital world has made us it’s sheep and we flock to the brightness of angsty goodness. Can you say baaaa?

As somebody that scoffs at Jerry-Springer-like-shows, and breaks in to hives at the mention of TLC, I should be immune, right? Rigth? Wrong.
Nobody is immune to angst, if said angst is gripping.
Come on, don’t be shy! Danielle Steel made her whole career based on pure drama, and let us not even start talking about Nicholas Sparks. Pamela Ann has a whole other approach to her writing, execution, themes and plot developments, but in the end – the anxiety is a page turner.

Still, I am know for despising empty stories that have no deeper meaning.
I live for impeccability and praise only things that are thought trough to a fault.
I want things to shine out, to be new and not remind me of the previous 20 books I read.
The Torn series by Pamela Ann are by no means a selection of books that dazzled me with the sheer brilliance of their literary worth.

(Although in the world of Fifty Shade's fans, one might argue this point and be the winner)

Still, they sparkle with the wit and ingenuity of the author herself. Pamela Ann has that special something, that chemical ‘X’, that mysterious element that makes the most ordinary thing come to life. Her books may even be termed crude by a harsh critique, but even those among us who think so, have to bow to the fluency of the drama. The intricately woven plot. The gripping embrace of theatrics. The lovable craziness of her neurotic characters. THE ADDICTION OF IT ALL.

addiction /əˈdɪkʃ(ə)n/ – Noun - the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.
Synonyms: dependency, dependence, craving, habit, weakness, compulsion, fixation, enslavement; 

I have read the long awaited final installment of the Emma Anderson rollercoaster life. Sure, there will be more books in the series, but in a way, this was the end of an era. We stared off with Emma, and here we are, almost a year later, biding her farewell while she sails off to her happy ever after.
I am not a fan of Emma Anderson. Nor a fan of anybody else in these books. And in thus awaits the root to my addiction. By the engrossing writing of Pamela Ann I am enslaved to the fates of random psychoneurotic heroes and heroines, forced to live and breath the beginning and end of their dramatics.

So, yes, I read ‘Fixated on you’.
I admit it. I am guilty.
I am also guilty of fuming, crying and sighing trough the whole ordeal. But most importantly – I am guilty of letting this book evoke feelings in me. And I have been oh-so-numb for the last couple of months. Thus, I embrace it all. I embrace the feelings and the turmoil. I applaud the author and I recommend the series. I am addicted, and unashamed to admit it. I am woman enough to nod in acknowledgment to those who managed to best me. And Pamela Ann has bested me.

You want to rage? You want to cry? You want to put down a book and think – ‘Wow, it was worth every penny, because it wrung me dry and left me heaving for more’? Then read ''The Torn'' series by Pamela Ann.

Those books will never be the most outstanding masterpieces out there. But they will make you feel alive. 
And isn’t that the most important thing of all?

Four and a half freaking stars people! 

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