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Blog Tour ~ "Soul Resurrected" (Sons of Wrath #2) by Keri Lake

Hey, peeps! The wait is FINALLY over. Soul Resurrected is here, and I can't even begin to describe how happy I am. Hope y'all grabbed your copy already. If not... what are you waiting for?? 

Again, I'd like to give a shout-out to lovely Keri Lake. You're awesome! :)

Now, you can just scroll down, and there's a (not-quite-coherent) 5-star review, a bit of Gavin & Xander (hilarious!), a HUGE giveaway... and, be sure to join the Scavenger Hunt. Hope you'll have fun!

Title: Soul Resurrected (Sons of Wrath #2)
Author: Keri Lake
Release date: October 31, 2013.
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance/Dark Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-0-9848517-5-1

As Wrath’s fiercest son, Logan carries the scars of fifty years spent in the most dreaded prison of the underworld, for a sin he’d kill to keep secret. Enduring decades of gruesome torture has left Logan feared by and detached from others, until a female Alexi’s blood resurrects his soul from death and, with it, the pleasures he’s been denied for so long.

Plagued by shame of her own, Calla is drawn to the ruthless demon, Logan, whose insatiable craving for her touch rouses buried passions and, for once, leaves her feeling desired.

A dark and dangerous evil has been reawakened, however, and when Calla is drawn too close to its breeding grounds, Logan vows to summon the violence of Wrath in order to keep her safe. First, though, Calla must save him from a past riddled with deceit and corruption … but only if she can accept the chilling consequences of unearthing his vilest skeleton.

Oh. My. God. If you haven't read Soul Avenged yet (why?? you must!), grab it right away, and let yourselves be amazed. Seriously, if you ever cared even one bit about paranormal/urban fantasy genre, and you don't mind things going a bit... messy... you absolutely have to read it. And, once you finish it, you can simply pick this awesomeness, and have even more fun. Because, what seemed like a promising story about a hot, screwy guy demon, turned out to be so much more than you could ever imagine. Interested yet?

Soul Resurrected begins right where Soul Avenged left off. Logan is resurrected, and he's not exactly happy about it (this was probably an understatement of the century). He is already connected to Calla. There is a bond between them that they are both ready to fight against, but it's stronger by the second. Tends to happen when you end up saving each other's life, I guess... Now, Calla is an Alexi. Not exactly a weak, defenseless girl. Not to mention she's all about vengeance. But, still, there's enough purity in her to make her just perfect for Logan's dark, tortured soul.

As much as I loved Soul Avenged, and the way it played out, this book is so much more, and so much better. The world building is still extraordinary. It is still fast paced, and action packed (you wouldn't believe how much), and things get way more complicated... but the focus definitely shifted. Now we get to learn more about Brothers, and we get to see a lot of Calla and Logan. They are all over the place. Plus, there's this dual POV thing going on that made me real happy.
Logan is full of resentment, but oh boy does he have a reason for it. His side of the story broke my heart. Yes, he's moody and broody & all that. He's one cocky son of a... ahem, Wrath... but, then again, he's also an amazing guy that's ready to suffer through so much just to keep the ones he cares about safe. Didn't see that coming, huh?

As for the rest of them... Ferno and Mad Dog are home. And, as much as I knew Ferno will turn out to be a lot to handle, now I'm sure I'll weep through his story. And Zayne's. Love those tortured souls, what can I say? Zeke is still the man-whore of the family, and you can't not adore him. Calix is incredibly cute. And, Gavin... oh, my. Wonder how that'll play out. Have to admit, they are ALL soooo HAWT it's ridiculous!
And, just so you don't think this installment is all about romance, there's a very interesting, very complicated, very intriguing story going on. A lot of new characters, a lot of new ways of torture. There's Lyric, Sabelle, Marrick, the Sang, Ava... Layers and layers and layers of brilliance.

Soul Resurrected is gruesome, dark, bloody, explicit (in the best possible way), and it's beyond intense. Definitely not for the faint of hearts. Once again, Keri Lake wrote a story that's not light, short or easy. But... It grabbed me, chewed me up, and left me lingering in this incredible world... I did not want it to end. I was happy, sad, mad, fascinated, scared and in love - all at the same time. And, I. Want. More.
Be sure not to miss it. You'll love these guys! Yes, you will.

*** ARC kindly provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review ***

Gavin & Xander

The stack of papers sitting before Gavin slowly began to shift—the pile on the right becoming taller than the shit he still had to weed through on the left. 

He rolled his eyes, reading the letter in his hand—another request for vengeance.  Like fan mail, they arrived in bulk.  And since the brothers only took select cases, it was Gavin’s job to weed through the bullshit.

Christ, it never ends.

A knock at the door prompted Gavin to drop the letter into the not a chance in hell pile and he glanced up.

Ben entered the office, stiff and serious as always.  “Sir, perhaps you might come quickly.” 

Ben-talk for get your ass up out of the chair, this is important.

Gavin rose from his desk, leaving the stacks to sit and followed Ben toward the back of the house.  Trying to get the troll to talk along the way—to give a single clue as to what they’d find at the end of the walk—was about as futile as pulling conversation from a rock.  Not even Gavin’s probing stare while Ben held the back door open, could get the troll to spill. 

Ben often opted for visuals over explanation. 

Along the path through the woods, they finally reached the small cabin where screams echoed into the surrounding forest. 

Gavin’s muscles tensed and he instinctively clutched the hilt of his dagger.  “What’s going on?”

Gripping the handle of the cabin door, Ben lifted his nose.  “It seems our head of security has gone over and above his duties.” 

He swung the door open.

In the center of the room a man lay hog-tied on the floor, blood speckled across the wooden planks.  Xander, the fallen angel Gavin had recently hired back, stood over what appeared to be a human, twirling a dagger in his fingers before he raised it above his head. 

“Hold it!”  Gavin called out.

A grin stretched Xander’s lips, his arm still poised for stabbing.  “How righteous of you, Ben.  Fucking tattle-tale.”

“Who is he?”  Gavin stepped inside the cabin.

“Sinner.  What else?”  Xander lowered the dagger.

“He trespass?  What’d he do?”

“Caught him stealing from the casino.”

“Stealing what?”

“Does it matter?”

“Yeah, we live in a fucked economy right now.”  Gavin crossed his arms at his chest.  “It matters.”


“How much?”

Xander shrugged.  “Twenty bucks, maybe.”

“That’s it?  For what?”

“Look I don’t interview the bastards before I torture them.  I’m sure every one of ‘em has a sob story.”  The angel’s gray eyes met Gavin’s.  “Would it make you feel better if he cheated on his wife and jacked off to pictures of young girls all day long?  ‘Cos I’m pretty sure he does.”

A muffled protest came from the victim who still lay on the floor, tugging against his binds.

“Let him go.  You do this shit on your own turf, your own time.  Not mine.”  Gavin pointed a finger at him. “Your job is here.  Britus covers Sanctuary.  We clear?”

Xander scratched his jaw.  “Yeah.  Crystal.  Was gonna let him go anyway. Just having some fun with him first.”  He crouched to the floor beside the guy.  “Hear that, dipshit?  It’s your lucky day.  Go forth and tell the world that an angel tied you up and whooped your ass.  And a demon saved it.”  Xander’s gaze swung back to Gavin’s and he cocked a brow.  “Point for the hellspawn.” 


Throughout the tour, participating blogs will be posting a question for readers to hunt down on Keri Lake’s website. Questions can be found throughout the site: book pages, snippets, blog posts and glossary. Most questions will be related to the Sons of Wrath series. A few bloggers will have added bonus questions taken directly from Soul Avenged.

You can visit Keri Lake’s Scavenger Hunt page by clicking on the button. Record your answers on the Answer Sheet. At the end of the tour, you’ll be able to submit your responses via Google Doc right on the Scavenger Hunt page. The individual with the MOST correct responses will win a MYSTERY PRIZE, valued at $125.

Here is the question assigned to this blog:

What is one of sexy cover model, Julian Christian's, favorite books?

HINT: Check out Cover Model Spotlights

BONUS: Which brother has piercings and tattoos?

HINT: He also lost his mate

Keri Lake is a married mother of two living in Michigan. She writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy and loves a good, tragic love story. Though novels tend to be her focus, she also writes short stories and flash fiction whenever distraction manages to suck her in to the Land of Shiny Things.

When she isn’t toiling away on plots and protagonists, she enjoys reading, music and travel. If she could create mystical powers for herself, she’d have the ability to flash to anywhere in the world. And if she could flash to anywhere in the world at this very moment, she’d be staring at the ocean from her adirondack chair on the shores of North Carolina.

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