Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kylie Scott ~ Skin (Flesh #2)

Raw, depressive, realistic, edgy, mortal...
...leaving me desperate for more.

I am almost unable to find the words needed to describe my love for these series.
I cried. I yelled at my Kindle. I gasped. I chuckled. I smiled.
And I loved e-v-e-r-y agonizing moment of it.

The author knows her mind, and she know how to write – which you gotta admit, is a pretty rare combination in itself. But when you dive in to it you see even admire are mesmerized by the fact that the apocalypse is her playground, and her character know no bonds of mayhem and real human feelings.

The world she paints is never black and white.Everything has colorful shades that stun you, that embrace you, that seduce you.
Her main protagonists have depth and a gazillion dimensions, her drama is out of this world, the action keeps you glued, and the love is utterly real.
And if I was hard pressed to describe this book in one sentence that sentence would be:

“Darn, you freaking son of a biscuit, I LOVE YOU!!!”

I dare not say a world about the story itself, or the swirl of characters in it, for a simple reason – it would be a shame for anybody to miss a second of this experience.
Every world, every scene - counts.
I guarantee it will take your breath away.
I vow you will love it as much as I did no matter what genre or plot is your favorite. You will get sucked in, and you will be happy about it.

As for me?

I worship at the feet of this author. I would gladly rip my heart out and sacrifice it at the altar of her writing genius – today, tomorrow, always.


  1. I love this review!! Excellent descriptions and emotion here. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

    1. Thank you so much! Love your blog, btw. :)


  2. Well, I may just have to see if I can find this series somewhere. You got me interested. I am now a follower of your blog. Please follow me back at

    1. Well, I hope you take a look at the series...they sure are something!
      Btw, you are now followed. ;)



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