Monday, September 24, 2012

W. Soliman ~ "Downsizing"

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and boy, is that true in this case!
Instead of a review, I could have just posted my shocked face. Or maybe a photograph of the big red stains on my carpet…no! I did not kill anybody, don’t worry your pretty little heads off. I just let the glass of wine I had with me slip out of my fingers, without even noticing it…
All in all, I have absolutely no idea how to rate this book. And I don’t think I will ever be able to form coherent sentences about it, either. As you will see when you continue reading, this novel has the magical ability of turning me into a blubbering idiot who is only capable of shocked sputtering.

When I finished reading it, I was left speechlessly standing over the train wreck that happened in it.
I have read ‘hero gets another woman pregnant before professing his love for the heroine’ stories. However, this is the first story that I read where the hero continued to knock up the other lady with gusto over the years. Heck, when the story opens, the hero just had a baby!

I could have, maybe lived down the fact that the hero was still married. And that the whole drama…pardon me!, not drama…with the hero and heroine was happening while the man was married, BUT there is something seriously unattractive about a hero who continued to bang his wife while all the time thinking of leaving her. No, wait! There is something MORE unattractive than this – a hero thinking about leaving his horrible wife, while never the less banging her AND MAKING HER CONSTANLTY PREGNANT.
Sure, there were 200+ pages worth of plot in this book, but I am unable to make any other point. My mind is just stuck on his wife carting a baby all over the book. Yes, your eyes are NOT deceiving you. The hero’s wife was going from scene to scene with their youngest child on her hip. Wtf, I ask, wtf?

I just had to add this picture from the movie "Home alone" , because that was totally ME while reading this!

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  1. OMG! Is someone being mean and suggesting these books to you, or are these trainwreck books finding you? *gasps*

    Good Lord, I don't think I could handle it as well as you do! I would definitely be all traumatized! LOL You are a brave, brave woman! *big hugs* :)

    julie :)


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