Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tiffany Reisz ~ "The Angel"

Imagine a cookie. Sinful, and fluffy at the same time. Covered in dark chocolate and melting in your mouth, while it leaves a whole specter of sensations in its wake. And just like that – you are hooked. Hooked for life.

That’s “The Angel” for me, darlings. A secret little desire that makes my cheeks flush in equal parts pleasure and shame.

I actually did a personal boycott of the first book in the “Original sinners” series. Maybe that is why once I started reading it – it went straight to my head.
It all began quite accidentally, actually. One day, a friend told me something monumental. Something that would change my life – and turn me in to a “Original sinners” junkie.
Nora. And Søren! And…aw. The fact that I have read about them in my most favorite book of all time – “Seven day loan”. The second I found out the Sinner’s Nora was my Nora from “Seven day loan” I HAD to like these books.

Weirdly, I do like them…and I don’t.
I don’t like the way “The angel’s” story went down. I never felt he could really be gay/bi. I know it was done as an ultimate ironic contrast to the fact that his father berated him over being homosexual, but it felt forced and strange.
I was troubled by the revelations about Søren (you really do not want me to elaborate on that one!). I feel as if I know him better, but I also like him less. I am not one to judge in any way, but frankly – there is just a line between tormented and pathological. And I am no longer sure which is Søren. With that – I am no longer sure that he is the one for Nora.

Oh. I think I just switched teams, and this is actually the first time this happened to me when reading about a love triangle.

I am getting more and more annoyed with the way Nora is everybody’s pathway to love. Also, I am getting annoyed with her utter addiction to sex, and, dare I say it? Infidelity.
Then again, it is not like fidelity is all that strong a factor in these books, but there has to be a line there, as well. The moment I see EVERYBODY is having sex with everybody, it starts to feel less fun and more like fertile grounds for a genital yeast infection.
I cringe from the very idea of Kingsley and Søren having sex. I never saw Søren as bi, but then again, it is not like I could have predicted all the things he is…

I disliked, I loathed, I turned my head at the very thought of…
…the abortions, the sadism, the incest, the killings, the emotional torture, the lies, the secrets.

And yet…I am drawn to it.

I absorbed, I inhaled, the content of this book. I am eating my fingers off till the next part of the saga. And I applaud, I bow to this author and the way she spins tales, the way she incorporates themes and hard to consume subjects, the way she makes me fall a bit in love with the bizarre and somewhat twisted.

In the end – I give everybody a warning – be careful. If you do not wish to like, to connect to, some really sinful people…if you do not wish to understand pretty outlandish behavior…then don’t pick up this book. But you who are not scared – try it all on for size. You will feel guilty for liking it, but the thrill will be worth it.


  1. Hey great review! I'm always looking for more books to add to my TBR mountain, er, list. I'm a new follower on GFC too.

    Breath of Life Reviews

  2. Hi Dinjolina,
    Great review! I enjoy this story too even if you're right sometimes it's a little disturbing. But I have to admit that "The Siren" was an awesome one and since then Tiffany Reisz has me hooked! I want to know more about Nora, Soren, King, Wesley...
    Can't wait to read "The Prince"...



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