Thursday, August 16, 2012

Serenity Woods ~ "Seven Sexy Sins"

A hot and quick summer read.
The best out there?
Hard to tell…

I am not saying I disliked this book. Heck, I almost feel ashamed for not LOVING it, because it seems everybody I talked to - ate it up with gusto.
Am I one to go with the crowd?
Never was, never will be. I may sometimes feel like somebody pinned a scarlet letter on me because of this – but what the hell. My taste is my own.
And my taste buds in this case? Did not even tingle.
Don’t get me wrong – the book was well written. The age old “romance with your best friend sister” was rehashed in a (almost) new way.
The book was tense and spicy - but it never made me sizzle. It lacked a spark.

The seven sexy sins? Insanely cool idea. I loved it. Still, hallway trough, I found myself woolgathering and staring out the window. How much more sins to go? Two? Aw, hell. I need to read more sex scenes. How boring!
Btw, when I get anxious over the possibility of more sex scenes – you know something is wrong.

The characters? Fun. Cute. Nothing wrong with them. I think I have seen them before. In, you know, a gazillion other books! They just never made me connect, or be anything more than mildly interested.

The plot and drama? It needed at least one jealous ex to even begin to be called a drama. I am not sure what was more bland – the hero’s reason for holidng back or the final “I love you’s”.

The interesting? The ending. The hero’s “inner T-Rex” turning out to be a placid hamster. Fun. Even funny. Made me chuckle a bit. Was it worth the read? Eeeerrrrmmm…no comment on that one. Heh.

All in all when asked what I thought about the book……Yes. An over eager friend that recommended this book to me wanted to hear me gush the second I put it down. ……the image that was firmly plated in my mind was something along the lines of a blender-horror experience.

What the hell is that, you ask?

This picture is taken from the "Bay Area Bites" blog. It is actually a very good cheese recipe- and i love it! But it is still something you only want to make for yourself - it never looks pretty.

That is when you take some cool ingredients, things you like in everyday life – for example: cheese (sooooo good in sandwiches!) and olives (yum!) and maybe a dash of salami, or was it tuna fish? You put it all in a blender – and as soon as you press the button – you realize that even thou the idea was cool…the end result is kind of gooey, and not really appealing. It can still taste good, but something about it is just wrong.
If you still want to read this book – or make a tuna/cheese dip – I am most certainly not going to stop you. As I said myself…it wasn’t all bad. Maybe somebody else will love it!

*sneaks and dips a cracker in to the blender*


  1. Oh no! And the cover was so yummy *sad julie*

    Awesome review! Love how even though there's bad news, you always leave me with a smile on my face. Bwahahahaha at the Weird Cheese Sauce :)

    1. Sexy covers will be the death of me! :D
      I just finished a shifter book today and I was 100% pissed off for giving 6$ for it! It sounded so very cool – but in the end it actually made me rant. :/

      Poor me. :(



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