Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back – rested and with a killer agenda!

Vacation time over – review time is here!
This month was a good one for us people that love to see the sites, and enjoy some relaxing time-outs.
It was also a good month when it comes to ARCs and going trough my tbr pile. Super productive. I am very proud of myself. :)

You know how sometimes when you see your tbr pile/list you have the strangest urge to run the other way? We all love our books, but when faced with a stack of things you wanted to read – it sometimes feels like a chore. And then to review it? Heh. Just looking at all the sticky notes and bookmarks slash rants slash opinions can make me queasy.
I admit - I was sick of it all. I guess I got caught up in all the polishing and must-do’s of reviewing and forgot how to live in the moment…but I have no found out this kind of reading jet lag syndrome can be cured by some nice beach time! Easy-peasy! :)

Are you having problems with your monster to-read pile?
Are you banging your head against the wall thinking of ways to make a splashy new review people will actually care to read trough and trough?
Are you almost too grumpy to pick up the next book?
Are you (100% blasphemously) thinking of…dare I say it? Turning on the TV instead of reading?

Fear not! All you need is a moment for yourself.

I am aware that people have obligations, work, families. Most of us can not just up and leave to some remote Greek island/paradise. It would be snobbish of me to suggest it.

What I am saying is this : Just take a breather. One day of the week just for you. Forget books. Forget the world. Maybe get a massage at your local spa center (works for men too!). Or just take a walk in the park and enjoy the lovely weather.

Put your feet up – literally or mentally. I guarantee it work wonders!

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