Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Laura Hunsaker ~ "Highland Destiny"

Rainbows and sunshine, with a speck of flowers and sparkly things in liiiiiiife..!!

What is that?
That is me singing of key.
Sure, sure, that’s not the point.The point is: I just re-read this book today!
Try to pick a correct answer!

Dinjolina re-read Highland Destiny (Magic of the Highlands, #1) by

a)      Laura threatened her bodily harm
b)      Dinjolina is a sucker for time travel
c)      This is the greatest debut novel of all time


The correct answer is…..c!

Well, Laura would never beat me up. She is too much of a sweetie.
Plus, I would totally win if she tried. Buahahaha!

I am not actually a very big fan of time travel. Or Highlanders. Well, sometimes I am, but I have so many pet peeves with the theme(s), the books I do like have to drive a hard barging.
Then again, “Highland Destiny” was first and foremost - beautifully written. Dialog, descriptions, character development…it was all on a much higher level of expertise than was expected.

Frankly, I first read this book because Laura was a goodreads friend.  Every time one of the reviewers does this, we all groan in the privacy of our room, plaster on a smile, forgive the $$ we are going to throw away and go on a support buy of said masterpiece.
Laura’s book...was worth my money. Heck, I still feel sorry about my initial misgivings and periodically bug her to write some more!

Now on to the story...
The characters of Connor and Mackenzie are one of my favorite romance couples.  They combust what ever they do – fight, survive, love. Their path trough clan wars, devious plans, revenge and betrayals is not a smooth one - but is definitely worth reading!
The author never took the easy way out, and every obstacle & defeat was written with a
remarkable accuracy of execution.  This made the happy ending all that much sweeter.
All the dynamics of the plot kept me so glued to the pages of "Highland Destiny" (book one in the "Magic of the Highlands" series) - my “what sucked” column stayed completely blank even on the second read.
(And you guys know how much I like to state the suck-y parts of books)
Also, it is worth mentioning that never before have I encountered a “cleaner” transition trough time. These things often seem awkward and distorted, thus stealing some of the dramatic backbone. In this book, the heroine may be a frantic little darling in sneakers, but she managed to fit right in with the spectacle of  surviving and magic.

Conclusion? A 4 and a half star read for sure!

What are you still doing on my blog? Go buy this book!
If you want the paperback, New Concepts has both the multi-format ebook and paperback.
It's available in multi format ebook at Fictionwise
For your Nook at Barnes and Noble or Kobo here
You can even find it at All Romance Ebooks here
and has it here
Smashwords has it in multi format as well,
and Amazon has both the paperback and the kindle edition

Bonus time: Be sure to check out Laura's website and her free short story!
Duble bonus time: Watch out for our soon-to-be interview with Laura!

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