Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heidi Cullinan ~ "Nowhere Ranch"

Nowhere Ranch

It's really hard for me to rate this book.
There were things I loved about it.
There were moments when I seriously did not want to continue reading.
And, then, there was that epilogue...

Nowhere Ranch is a story about Roe Davis, simple farmer guy, who left home when he was twenty because his family couldn't accept the fact he's gay. After a lot of struggle, he ends up at Nowhere Ranch, and all is good... until he finds out that the owner Travis Loving is gay too.
I won't bore you with details, or try to retell the story. I'll stick to the good/bad things about it instead.

The whole story is first person POV - Roe's - and that is what I loved from the very beginning. No fancy words. No glitter. Simple, honest, disturbing look in the wounded and haunted soul of a guy who only wanted to be who he is.
Once his relationship with Travis started, you could see so much clearer just how desperate Roe actually is. And their relationship (or the sex part, at least) is not for the faint of hearts. Trust me.

Which leads me close to the 50% mark. I was seriously thinking it would be best not to finish this book, after all. As much as I loved it at the beginning, it was just... too much.
There was a lot of sex. Dark, edgy, hard core sex. I did not mind that. But, I started wondering what's the point. Is anything else gonna happen here, or are they just going to keep doing it 'til they end up in ER?

The good news is - something else happened.
The bad news is - I didn't like the "something else".
When Haley first showed up, she was cute. She was great for Roe. You can't not love Haley...
Until Haley is so all over the place, it feels like she's the main character.
Those last 20% or so? No. Didn't work for me. It was so OTT, I couldn't believe it.

And the end? Talk about sugar. I was numb from all that sweetness. It was so wrong for this story. I did not want to see a realistic, painful life suddenly inexplicably transformed and BAM! they lived happily ever after.
It just feels wrong.
So much potential...


  1. Hi there! I just received your Blogaholics message about starting this new blog so I figured to stop by and show it some love! It's looking great, I love the layout and just checked out a couple of reviews. I have no doubt that you will have tons of followers with a quickness!

    Nowhere Ranch sounds like something I would enjoy reading. But the Haley character sounds confusing! Was she just thrown in there? Like did it go from a 2 some to a 3 some? I know you can't give away spoilers, but feel free to stop by my blog and let me know! You can leave a message in any of the comment sections!

    Oh, yeah, feel free to follow me as well! I'll be stopping back soon!

    Best Wishes,

    Mia @ The Muses Circle

    1. Hey, Mia. Well, thanks for stopping by and supporting us. We really appreciate it. :)

      Many readers enjoyed and loved Nowhere Ranch, but those issues troubled me enough not to give it a higher rating.
      Without giving away any huge spoilers - Haley is Roe's friend. The very first one he ever had. But, her influence was too big in the final part of the story, and she basically decided everything for Roe and Travis. That didn't feel right to me.
      And, no, there's no threesome. I'm very careful when labeling those, because many readers have problem with menage.
      Hope I've managed to clarify things a bit. :)

  2. Hi Rain! Yes, you clarified that perfectly! And thanks for stopping my blog as well! By the way, I know that it may look like I read only YA, but my first love is and always will be adult romance and that includes erotica! The reason I've been stuck in YA land is because I teach and finding books for my students has become sort of a passion of mine. But as a friend of mine said to me recently, I need to get back to my first love! Oh, and I absolutely love Lora Leigh :) I love my alpha males and she writes them so darn good!

    Anywho, I definitely will be back to check out more of your reviews. It's refreshing to have a new blogger buddy that focuses more on adult literature. :)

    Best Wishes!
    Mia @ The Muses Circle

    1. Mia, it's a great thing you're trying to find books for your students. :)
      Those adult titles made me feel like I'm home, though. Alpha males are my favorite kind, and Lora Leigh truly knows how to make them work! Not that there aren't many others as well.

      I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun comparing adult readings, and finding new alphas to drool over. I'm really looking forward to that! :)

    2. Thnx for following us, Mia! You are a doll! ^^
      You are now on my follow list as well.

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